Sailor Moon Live action version Cast -About the Present-

"Sailor Moon live version" which is explosively popular in Japan.The cast who play the characters are still very popular.Let's take a look at the current situation of the cast.

Chibi Totoro. About name, age and height.

"Chibi Totoro" is a mysterious creature that appears in the movie "My Neighbor Totoro".The mysterious creature "Chibitotoro" is very popular.Let's take a closer look at "Chibi Totoro".

Japanese anime work made from snow

A miracle snowman work made by the Japanese.The main characters of the anime are lined up.Let's take a look at the anime work made of snow.

Beautiful Winter Landscape in Japan【 Image collection 】

In Japan, where the four seasons are clear, the scenery is very beautiful.Among them, the winter scenery is very fascinating.Then, please enjoy the winter scenery of Japan.

In Japan, capybaras bathe in hot springs.

There are many hot springs in Japan.And Japanese people like to take a bath in hot springs."Capybara" in Japanese zoos also like to take a bath in hot springs.

demon slayer nezuko cosplay Image collection

I collected cute cosplays of "Nezuko"."Nezuko" is the most popular anime heroine in Japan.The popularity of "Nezuko" is widespread all over the world.